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Welcome to the Adrenaline Volleyball Club

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2023 Featured Photos

Various featured photos from our 2023 season

  • Lisa 2nd in Silver
  • U11 Spiking Panthers in Gold Bracket three tournaments in a row qualifing for Gold Bracket
  • Block Party MVPs Adrenaline 14R earned MVP honors
  • Gold @VibeCity Matt's team takes home the gold
  • 18R Silver Champs
  • U17 Addie placed 3rd in Gold @Buckeye Ranked 3rd in the state

Adrenaline Volleyball Club Info

  1. Adrenaline VBC is a member of USA Volleyball /(OVR) Ohio Valley Region/AAU (Amateur Athletic Union)
  2. Develop your volleyball skills
  3.  Learn from experienced, motivated, and talented coaches
  4. Tier Training sessions in December: Position specific training sessions for ages 13-18 & all skills training for ages 10 -12.
  5. Practices: (*Practice locations are at Southwestern City schools)
  6. All players ages 13-18 – get 3 practices a week January through February. March through May, two practices a week once tournaments start.
  7. Weekday practices are 2.5 hours long. (Ages 13-18)
  8. Saturday practices are 2 hours long – One hour with a sports performance coach in the weight room working on strength training, speed/agility and plyometrics & 1 hour of court time with your team. *Player ages 10-12 – Practice twice a week. (2-hour practices)
  9.  *Fund Raising available to help with your club fees.
  10.  *Teams have their own court when practicing. In most cases they will not be sharing court time. (99% of the time) Many other clubs, their teams must share courts and that inhibits them from having a productive and efficient practice. Our teams can breakout in to position specific  training or run full court drills with many more touches per a player! We believe that is a very important part of player development. 

College Recruiting

  1. Assistance with college recruiting process - Information packet "Attacking the Recruiting Process" - This is a great resource that breaks down what you should be doing from your Freshman year to Senior year in High School. This packet is packed full of recruiting information and tips. It can save you a lot of time and money! *All club players can request a copy through their coach. 
  2. American teams age 15-17 get a 1-year subscription to Sports Recruits for college recruiting.

*This website puts you in control of the college recruiting process.


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We are proud members of AAU & USA Volleyball.

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